can I highlight edges to reassemble?

I’m about to start putting my model back togother; I had him cut up to help with UV mapping.

I was wondering if there was any way to have the open edges become highlighted, so I see could where the breaks are.

Or perhaps someone could recommend a good Blender workflow for closing seams.


In Edit mode, select all, press W key, remove doubles, confirm.


Yeah I did that. I’m pretty sure it didn’t get all of them, since i had to move duplicates of the feet and hands; I don’t think the verts were perfectly lined up.

Is there any way to tell if your object isn’t solid?

You could try pressing P key in Edit mode, then selecting all loose parts.

Save your project first as there are no undo’s from this.

-Edit- To align adjacent verts for rem doubles, either increase rem double threshold, or snap 3dcursor to one vert, select the oposing vert, snap that to cursor, then rem doubles.


Or use the L key with your mouse pointer over a vert, all verts connected to that one, will be selected. Use hide function to isolate unconnected verts.


Thanks Sonix, those sound like good tips. I’ll do some more Blending tomorrow and let you know how I make out. :slight_smile:

The cursor snapping is just what I needed.

I’m having some problems with my normals now, but I think a new thread for that in a few.

Thanks again, the hobbit is all one piece!