Can i hire people from here for some modeling?


(Jeryl Adams) #1

i am no longer looking for an artist. i have found one.

(alf0) #2

do you have like a concept design of it or you wnat someone to do it , ?
also is it high poly or midpoly ?

(Jeryl Adams) #3

well depending on how much the artist would charge i may just ask them to make the whole character. i mean i have been trying to make this character for a long time and no matter what i do i just can’t seem to get it right my proportions are always off somewhere and i am ready to pay for someone to make it for me. generally i would imagine it would be a high-poly model. i have some sketches of what i want but do not feel comfortable sharing those until i find an artist that is willing to take on this project.

what would you charge for a detailed high-poly character?

sorry i am just really frustrated with this project and i am willing to pay someone to work with them on this, as this a character that i plan on using for different things like animations for personal use.

(alf0) #4

normaly i work for 50$ for a midpoly model

(abdoubouam) #5

Hello, I have sent a PM. Thanks.

(FinalBarrage) #6

Pardon, i withdraw my offer, as it violates the ToS in the #jobs:paid-work section to offer free models. I happened to have one laying around that i was working on, and offering this for free completely neglected the point of “Paid” work.

(Jeryl Adams) #7

@alf0 how much would it cost for a high poly? your price is within my budget and was wondering what i additional detail i can get for $75. $75 is my entire monthly budget due to low finances.

(alf0) #8

sorry for the late replay
are you still looking for someone !?

(Jeryl Adams) #9

no i am not sorry my late reply i found someone