Can i import a 2d image from another program for rigging in blender?

I would like to be able to import an image drawn in Krita for rigging then animation in blender, is this possible or would I have to just redraw the image in blender with the grease pencil?

I have tried searching for this elsewhere but all that comes up is how to import images as planes or how to set a 2d image as a background/reference image.

The only editable image format that I know is the “.svg” format. And in general work with the inkscape/blender pipeline, for convert to editable spline/poly.

I don’t remember but I think pepeland or Pablo were speaking about some image format and converting to grease pencil…
In other hand, is the cut out animation technique and there was an addon that work excellent to this: Coa tools.

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But you can use for now until the release of the tool underdevelopment, inkscape and convert the image in svg and then import in Blender.