Can I input RGB values to select a color?

The color picker in Blender uses values from 0.0 to 1.0. Most 3D packages have a way to input using different systems. Does Blender have this? If yes, how can I select RGB values instead?

For a side question, if Blender can not do this - can someone give me instructions on how to convert an RGB palette to the corresponding floating point value? Any good utilities out there?

you can enter different values with numbers like HEX OCT or decimal base 0 to 1

for other values check at wiki there are script to help you do the conversion

here is a script for python for colors
this use numpy !

if you know the bit (0-255) color value of the Red, Green or Blue, you can type this “value”/255 in the box and it will give the 0-1 value


click on the colour to bring up the colour wheel, under the wheel there are options to select RGB by value, HSV values, or HEX code.

Thanks, I forgot you can do arithmetic in Blender text boxes.

So for an RGB value such as let’s say 143 121 103, I would type 143/255 121/255 and 103/255 respectively and the result is the correct conversion.

Thank’s again.