Can i install a "Windows XP" in to Xbox360???

Xbox360 seems got everything, cpu,grafic card, sound divice, hdd,even usb, can i install a winxp in to it ? if so,that would be awesome,is it possible?

No, but I think you could install linux on a xbox 360

In theory I suppose you could, but only if windows would have all the necessary drivers and stuff to get all devices working.

But in practice I doubt anyone will even try to get windows working on Xbox 360, Linux is more likely canditate, as it was for old Xbox.

wow linux, can xbox360 than become a desktop??
a full function computer?

btw i think the xbox360 which price is at $400 is quite fair,what do you think?

No, at the moment there is no way to run either linux, windows or any other operating system or even a custom program on Xbox360. All code on the console must be signed by Microsoft’s private key.

The only thing that’s possible right now is to execute custom graphic shaders in Xbox360.

But work on getting Linux to Xbox 360 has already begun - Free60

Yea, Microslut would never allow Windows to run on there own game systom, why ? Because they will loose money with the OS they sell to retailers.

well its like Sony not letting you install sonicstage on your TV. how dare they do such a thing.


you’re saying xp has been compiled for the powerpc architecture as well as x86?

you’re saying xp has been compiled for the powerpc architecture as well as x86?[/quote]

That’s why I said in theory. If Ms would make powerpc compilant version of Windows, I see why not, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

Hasn’t microsoft unleashed its source code for windows to the public?

I wouldnt count on it. It may be to embarissing for them.

There has been some success getting ReactOS running on the old Xbox. ReactOS is the open-windows… basically a Wine that runs itself. No Microsoft code was used of course.

There was a guy who leaked some Windows code, and now he is in prison.

Actually the guy in the link didn’t leaked the code, he just downloaded it from some P2P and tried to sell it on his website :slight_smile: What a douchebag :-).

But work on getting Linux to Xbox 360 has already begun - Free60

hehe, what fun! microsoft will not going to be very happy.

btw,maybe this is off topic,but why so many ppl hate microsoft(i see many)? whats the reason?

They’ve always been so happy of their sacred code, and kept it a secret. Some people managed to get bits and pieces, but now the EU forced microsoft to show some of the source code of the messaging system.

Basicly, if you have an open source program, you can still copyright it. Even with that knowledge, Micro$oft never wants to show their code. Although they prolly know it would lead to a number of optimalisations.

Some people say that MSWin crashes often, I gotta dissagree with that, it’s good for me. Almost never crashes, very stable. (Win Xp x64 Pro Corp.)

back to the xbox360, which I couldn’t care less about, Revolution all teh way. :wink:

:slight_smile: Gotta love consolers…put a crippled computer in a console’s box and they think they’re on the cutting edge.