Can i just download it?

I live in europe and i was wondering can i just press the download button…?
And download it from USA server?
Thanks for your anwser, Blender looks great and i really want to download it…

Sure. Europe might be faster, but you can use whatever server you like.

My suggestion is that you press the download button and see what happens.

I saw the download window… If it dosent work because i live in Europe? Should i try?

As John Brunner said, “It’s supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to press this button…”

If it dosent work because i live in Europe sry for the mistake!

How much time i need to spend to learn basic skills of Blender?

How much time i need to spend to learn basic skills of Blender?
That depends on how you define basic skills. If you keep practicing and doing tutorials, you get pretty ace in a year. Of course that does not guarantee you to become a great artist but I still think it’s quite realistic.

Check out the Blenderwiki and video tutorials. There are plenty of resources around. Find your way to learn and have fun! :slight_smile:

Actually I doubt that you only need tutorials for Blender, judging from this thread. (Uhm, don’t take this too seriously…)

But yeah, the BlenderWiki is #1 source for starting out. And please, do a search before you ask questions here, it is very likely that it already has been asked a couple of times. That will save time for both, you and the posters (you get an almost immediate answer and they don’t have to waste time posting the same thing again).
However, if you don’t feel that you find what you need, we will be happy to help you out :wink:

Not long, because there are great video tutorials

Start with level 1 and 2 tuts and watch them until you drop…

One year? Thats pritty much… But i think its worth it :smiley:
EDIT: And what i should try to create first? Cube should be easy? or is it?

I would start with this

and then try it

I am just getting started, and,I agree, n about a year I may be able to ask an intelligent question. Fortunately, the people on this board are patient and they don’t even roll their eyes (verbally, of course) when they help you with your problem. There are some excellent tutorials out there. Unfortunately, some are more “excellent” than others. If I had to go to a desert island with my laptop and one tutorial, I would choose this one:

I realize that it gets into some intermediate territory, but this author really holds your hand and makes no assumptions of prior knowledge. I have two gripes about a lot of the available tutorials. One is they are for older versions of Blender(they show buttons to push that have been either moved or modified) and many assume you know more than you do. They’ll tell you to “make a simple loop cut” without going into the basics of what a loop cut is (BTW, I find loop cut is great tool…learn to use it.) When you first get Blender you’ll probably want to throw it and your computer out the window, but stay with it. Think of it as learning to play a musical instrument. At first, you are going to make a lot of sour notes and be closely tied to your “sheet music”. If you learn to “play” Blender, well, that’s when the true animator gets to break out and that’s when the real work begins. Believe me, some of the people on this board create astounding works…just check out the gallery and prepare to be not only intimidated, but inspired to know you are working with a tool that can translate almost any artistic vision.

Personally I dont think there are stupid questions… Lazy ones yes, stupid - no.

Maybe this forum area needs ‘ask a stupeed question about blender’ thread?

pikseli, you may have something there. A lot of boards have a Newbie string…it might work here, also.