Can I know why my game is insta closing?

Is there a way to know why my game is insta closing? It seems like it’s a script issue, but nothing is written on console. It doesn’t even have a feedback. How can I know what’s happening?

wats UPBGE/BGE version you use?

Version 0.3.0

you need to run the game with the debug console turned on and through the built-in player, as far as I know, the problems of crash termination of the game are rarely associated with user scenarios, most likely your game refers to assets that are not in the game folder, or the game refers to the path to files that have been deleted or changed by name - check your assets that are the content for the game

Starting with the built-in player, UPBGE just crashes and close everything.

But there’s an error line on console saying: Error, region type 8 missing in - name:“Action”, id:12

Are you using special characters for action names?

Is it only this game?

Yes, It’s only this game. I’ll check about the special characters, but seems like a script problem.
I remember that I was editing a script before it happens.

Edit: Checked here, I’m not using any special character on action names. “Error, region type 8 missing in - name:“Action”, id:12” happens when I load the project, even before I run the game.

you use for reinforcement the playback of an action or actions whose name does not match the one you have in the action editor - everything is correct before the start of the game, the engine will check all actions, animations, scripts, assets, if something is not found and is critical for the game (sound files, animations and their names, textures, or objects collections that the game can’t find, it will crash in half of the cases) I advise you to check the names of your animations for compliance, or temporarily disable all scripts and check them step by step to find out which script causes an error at the start and compilation of the game - this is a tedious and complex process, but this is the only way to find a script that crashes your game

the player camera… was hidden in the viewport… this whole time.

very strange how can a hidden camera ruin the game? in older versions of the engine, even if the camera was on a different layer, the game always started and worked without accidents :joy: