Can I link layers to switch on and off depending on what camera is active?

I’ve looked into switching cameras using camera markers, which looks like an excellent feature! However, I am needing to turn layers on/off depending on what camera is active.

For example lets say I have 2 cameras (camera 1, and camera 2) and 2 models (plane 1 and plane 2).
When camera 1 is active I want my plane1 model to be visible and plane 2 to be off. Then when I switch to camera 2, I want plane 1 to be off, and switch the visibility of plane 2 on.

I plan to do many camera movements with multiple objects that need to be switched on/off, so being able to automatically switch these layers is key for me.

This is not possible to animate collections status.

You can create drivers to use active camera name as a driver of visibility of objects.


You can add scene strips in Video Sequence Editor.
Create 3 scenes.
1 with camera 1 and plane 1
1 with camera 2 and plane 2
1 for preview in sequencer.

I’ve never heard of drivers before! I just had a quick look at them, they seem slightly confusing, but it looks like they might do the trick! I’ll have to dig more into that subject.

The video sequencer option sounds like it would be more manual work for dealing with many multiple camera shots, but I’ll also take a look into that to see if I can find a method that suits what I’m trying to do.

Thank you for pointing me in some direction! :slight_smile: