Can I load or convert .vmd motion for a .blend model?

Hello, first of all english isn’t my first language so sorry if I make any mistake…
And I don’t think this question was asked… so I have this .BLEND model ( and I want to make her dance but .vmd motions (the motions from mikumikudance) don’t work with her so I was wondering if there was any specific way to make it work ? Or what format should I convert the .vmd motion to ?
(This is the motion I want to try, just in case

Use MMD Tools Plugin…Get it HERE, it is for Blender 2.8XX

A tutorial on how to use is HERE

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I tried this but it’s for “.pmx/pmd” models not for “.blend” models

You should be able to import the Motion File using this…

Yeah, I just went and checked it…It is possible but going to be a real Pain…
This is the same model posted up on Slutbase…so it has a ton of “extras”
It would be better if you selected clothing and deleted all the rest…
Then you will have to re-name the bones, at least the ones required by MMD as the Must Include…
I took a look but haven’t figured out some of them…Might have to import an MMD file and then select each bone name and see what and where they are positioned…I is needed as the VMD file is based on this naming convention… Here is a LINK to all the BONE NAMES

Some are easy to figure Thumb1R, but Mother and Groove ???

Good Luck!

Motherbone is a bone at the world origin. A groove bone is sandwiched in between the center and its children, IIRC, and is just located a bit lower than the center bone-- an alternate, lower center of rotation.

There’s one (or more) automatic translation tools out there. Check out powroupi’s other github projects.

Other than IK, motherbone, and center bone, it’s unusual for MMD skeletons to have move bones. You might consider loading a different model and giving constraints to translate the animation to a different armature.

Any kind of use of canned animation, regardless of .vmd or .bvh or what, requires some knowledge of Blender rigging to pull it off.

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For anyone has the same issue, here is the solution:

Step 1: Export mmd model with motion into fbx
Step 2: Import that fbx into Motion Builder or iClone 3DXchange, and convert it into a character. Then this motion can be applied to any character in Motion Builder or iClone.

Step 3: At last, you can export a character with that motion back to blender.

It’s actually the same thing as re-name bones in blender. But MotionBuilder has name template and iClone 3DXchange has character profile, which makes this process much easier.

By the way, with this way, you can have the body motion, not the facial motion.

Check this animation video as a result:

In this video, character has facial motion, because I wrote a plugin to import vmd facial motion onto my character.

I’m still trying to figure out how to do that with blender.

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Thanks I will try this ASAP.
Please tell me if you ever find a way to do this for facial motions and thank you again

If you can import a .vmd motion capture file to Blender, then it is possible to bring facial motion capture with a software named Hitogata

I did a quick test with my android (as webcam) and it doesn’t detect the blinking. IOs and NeuralMotion trackers can track blinking.
I am interested in what you mentioned about importing the animation as FBX into MoBu or Iclone, since they have “templates”… I ask: Templates for VMD? /(since this was the original requirement made in the question).
Anyways, yes, let’s figure this stuff out, a big demand for avatars is here now that everyone is working remotely.

I’m having the same issue. And I tried many methods, messing with MAYA, iClone, and many other specific softwares. As I’m sticking with Blender, not MAYA or iClone for further animation editing, I tested out one PROMISING approach as below:

1, Import the .pmx (character) and .vmd (motion) using “mmd tools” addon.
2, prepare the model you want to apply the MMD motion to. For me, I used a DAZ character, imported into blender using the Diffeomorphic addon.
3, You need to match the BONE NAMES of the two character. This is the most tricky part, and I’m now reaching a deadend - The addon named “mmd tools helper” can do part of the renaming job, but it’s only compatible with blender 2.79 or earlier. also, some of the bones (IK?) are not renamed, and you may not find any counterpart bones in your character. So you may need mannually add bones and set parent relations etc…
4, There’s a really powerful addon called “Rokoko studio live”, it can build bone matching list and retarget the motion action from one character to another. I’ve tried and it works fine, the only issue is, as stated in Step 3, THE RENAMING OF THE BONES.

I need to take a rest after a “google marathon” for more than 5 hours :cold_face:
Hope there’s new update for this issue. I mean, using MMD motion on characters from other sources, there must be a way!

I created a blender addon to retarget mmd’s vmd motion onto Daz and CC3 models:

Check this demo video.

This blender addon import motion from .vmd file onto Daz or CC3 model directly, without any mmd model.


It supports following models:

Official Daz bridge is broken now, it will be supported if Daz’s team fix it.

Well, this addon is not done yet, it’s just on the half way. A lot of things need to be done.

When it’s done, we can use vmd motion without knowing mmd or Japanese language.

Which means, all those mmd’s vmd motion authors can sell their motion data to blender users in the world.

They may earn some money for that. They should pay me:)


The link above is broken, so re-uploaded the video:

It’s rendered with iray in daz studio, with the same motion as vmd retarget addon’s demo video.