Can i make 2D e-learning stuff (Interactive) in Blender like Adobe Flash??

Hello everyone!!
Can i make 2D e-learning stuff (Interactive) in Blender like Adobe Flash??
If Yes!! Then is there any tutorial for this kind stuff and am export for I pad and android device???

need help!!

Kind of, with the game engine, you can

i havent seen ipad export and there is some kind of rudimentary android support. you can find a link here

The BGE is 3D ;).

A learning application is a question of presentation. The BGE is pretty good in presenting … and interaction.

If you focus on text based presentation, there are much better applications.

I doubt you will find any tutorial on that specific topic. That is because it is a very wide topic and finally nothing else than a game with earning points, success and fail.

what kind of topic do you want to teach?

you may search for hud-tutorials and inventory techniques. these may offer the best solutions for your problem. also dynamic text.

I’ve used Blender in the class room, the good points are that it is 3d and much more flexible than other platforms (games made using powerpoint for example), things like dice rolls can be built in and you can have random events.

The bad point is portability. If you export a presentation for use on windows, you can only use it for windows. pad and phone support is almost non-existent. Also sometimes it will crash on a different computer with no real reason. If you use it in an educational environment make sure to test it a few days before you plan to use it.

If you are using it for embedded content online, it’s better to use flash or something like that.