can I make a camera trackto to physics objects?

I’m really trying to do some simple physics stuff and with lots of help (thanks) I got a cube to drop and bounce. Great accomplishment. :o

When I put a trackto constraint on the camera to follow said falling cube, it will look at the cube whereever I place in grab mode it but not where the cube moves during game or animation with physics, i.e. I can’t get the camera to follow the falling cube. I assume that is because the object data is staying put during the sim. Is there any way around that?:confused:

You’ll need to record the physics sim to an IPO. Activate it under the Game pull-down menu then press ‘P’ to run the simulation. Hit Escape when you want to stop recording to the IPO.

Once this is done, you can remove the physics/collision/etc. properties from the simulation object, since it is now pulling its animation information from the IPO.

Your track-to constraints will now be able to follow the object.


OK thanks I’ll give it a try