Can I make a figure symmetrical without cutting it in half?

EDIT: Okay, let’s start over, I don’t think I explained clearly what I’m trying to do.
This is Aiko3, she is a fully rigged character model for DAZ or Poser. I want to create a morph for her, that is, changing the shape of her face or body slightly; this can be done by sending her out as an .obj, editing that .obj in another program (ie: Blender) and then bringing in a new .obj with the same vert-order but a slightly different shape. Currently, Aiko3 is perfectly symmetrical; I want to keep her that way while I edit her so that the morph I create is also symmetrical. If I was working on something original, I’d just use the mirror-modifier, however, in order to create a morph for DAZ, I have to keep the vert-order the same as the original, so I can not cut Aiko3 down the center and use the mirror modifier on her. Instead, I wanted to know if Blender has a function where it would be able to pair up identical vertices on the two sides of the X-axis and be able to set those to mirror each other, so that I can work symmetrically without creating any new vertices or deleting any existing ones? The most important thing here is that I must keep the vert-order the same as when I imported the .obj.

OP: I have a human figure, I’ve altered one side of the mesh slightly and I want to mirror the effects of what I did over to the other side, but I don’t want to cut her in half and use the mirror modifier because I’m trying to make a custom morph of one of the D/S millennium figures, so in order for that to work, I can’t change the vertex order or anything, just push them around. The base figure I’m working on (Aiko 3) is symmetrical, I’m trying to alter her chest size, is there something I can turn on before I start pushing the vertices around that will make it effect both sides at the same time, or is there something I can click afterwards that will make what I’ve done to one side pop over to the other?

you cold use the mirror but before make 1/2 face a vertex group
then remove the unwanted portion and mirror should do it’s job i guess!


In blender 2.49b, with the mesh in edit mode, in the MeshToolsMore panel, there is a X-Axis Mirror tool that mirrors any changes you make to a mesh. I haven’t needed it in 2.5 yet so I don’t know if it is there or if it’s functional…


But with both of those options, I would have to erase one side of the mesh?

with this X mirro i think it try to find a vertex on the other side of X axis and do what you do with the other side

i can move on vertex on the right and the ohter will move too

bu it does not extrude that way !

so can be usefull some times i guess


Ricky, where is that function? What menu?

Enter edit mode, then its in the “Mesh Tools More” menu under the Editing Tab :slight_smile:

Can I use that with sculpt mode?

Wait, I figured out how to do it in sculpt, but now when I’m touching up in edit mode, I turned on the button that says “X-axis mirror” but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Is there something else I need to turn on too?

you can use a Boolean in the modifier stack and then use mirror…I think…it is non destructive at least.