Can I make a two-sided robe with one material?

Hi everyone,

I just created a vampire character with a two sided robe from the same PNG material. Cloth physic was set for the robe , while a collision was set for the character.
When the character move, the robe was broken. Besides, the robe seems stick on the hand of my character.
How can I fix these two questions?

If you don’t want to download my file, here is the description.

Sorry if there is a duplicated question.

Here is my file:


Turn on ‘self collision’ on the robe, set Friction to 0 and lower the Distance (0.00something).

Second problem. You need to turn down the Friction factor on the Amuro character (under softbody and cloth.)
It’s set at 5. - 0.5 is better, this is why the cloth sticks to his hand. Also deactivate “Single Sided”.
That should do the trick.

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I’ll chime in on the 2-sided robe…
Add an other UV channel…1 is for Outside and 1 for inside…select each and add them to the UV channels… ( It might not be actually needed but it does work better this way).

In the shader…duplicate the robe texture and connect to a Mix shader, the vector should be the 2 UV channels with a UV node …Grab a Geometry Node and plug in the “Back Facing” for the factor on the mix node!

Now you should never see the inside poking through the outside!

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Thanks Romanji and RSEhlers!
Both of you guys solved my problems. :blush: