Can I make Blender a bit more like Wings?

First off, this is not a gripe session. For over a year I’ve had Blender on my hard drive but rarely used it. Recently, I’ve taken on a project that Blender is the best tool to complete and -I am absolutely loving it-! I don’t know if it’s because of all the new features or if something finally “clicked” in my head, but Blender has become my favorite 3D app.

But I’ve also used Wings a fair bit and have become comfortable with it’s modeling tools. So now I find myself bouncing back and forth between the two apps all day long. And some of the differences between the two interfaces is driving me bonkers:

Right mouse click in Wings pulls up the menu, in Blender it selects.

Middle mouse click 3D rotates the view in Wings, I have to hold the middle button in Blender to do the same thing.

Left mouse click in Wings selects, in Blender it moves the 3D cursor.

Space bar in Wings un-selects, in Blender it pulls up the menu.

How can I change these so I don’t have to keep -reformatting- my brain? :o

EDIT: Ok, I found the “View & Controls” menu and am playing with that. I can get the menu to pop up on RMB clicks but I’m trying to turn it off for LMB clicks. I tried to increase the delay, but that doesn’t seem to change it. Is this a bug or how can I fix it (it’s in 2.37 & 2.4A2).


Unfortunately, you cannot (to my knowledge) remap Blendr keystrokes. For most of these you’ll unfortunately just have to keep “reformatting” or stick with one or the other. One thing I will say, if you hold down the right mouse button, the menu does pop up. Another thing that (I think) has been added recently that will make Blender a little more like Wings, is a way to make the view rotate around the axis of the current selected object, instead of a random point in space, or the cursor.

In user preferences (click where you would change the 3d window to something else like the UV editor and you will see user preferences) and if it’s not selected go to view and controls. Then under view rotation set around active and turntable. This will keep the Z axis up like in Wings. Hopefully this might make it a little more comfortable for you.

There are a few options:

  1. In Wings you can set the camera movement to react like Blender. Go to Edit->Preferences->Camera->Camera Mode and select Blender.

  2. In Blender Go to the User Preferences window->View&Controls. Here you can set the LeftMouse button for selection

  3. In Blender don’t use the spacebar to get the menu but hold the right mouse button a little longer until the menu appears, like in Wings.

Oh, I just noticed in those same preferences you can select with the left mouse button. Never really saw that.

:edit: Whoops, Softwork beat me to it.

Great thanks for the tips!

I did notice, though, that even if I adjust the “delay” for the LMB and RMB, the menu still pops up faster when I use the LMB even though I’ve set it to a delay of 20 seconds and the right to 2 seconds… must be a pesky bug in Blender 'cause it still happens in 2.4A2.