Can i make particles Spin?

Particles is a territory i rarely venture into. i don’t know why… but it scares me.

Lately i’ve been doing alot of thinking on how to fake cartoony things in blender.

And what im working on now would require me to have my particles emiting from the plane… and spin as they march on through out their lifespan.
Spinning like a saw blade if you will.

I think you can animate the object, but i would like them to not all spin with the exact same orientation (I.E. every single particle facing up at the same time)

Just thought i’d ask.

Use a vortex force field.

That was pretty close to what i was thinking, but wow i never knew about these force field things before O_o
This opens up alot of options :smiley: i Gotta experiment with this.

The thing im working on right now is cartoon fire. So i made flat planes of Shadeless waterdrop shapes in red and yellow. Hoping that the tip would represent the sharp edges of fire, and if spun around, the round edge would be the rolling parts of fire.

But even without them spinning around for that effect, this vortex has a pretty cool effect on the particles in general that does look kind of like fir blowing in the wind.

  • Particle Settings > Rotation