Can I make the dates work on these forums?

Hey, just wondering if anyone knows how I can make the dates on this site show up as eastern standard time. I see the date part of my profile, but I’m just a dumb windows user, and I don’t know how to configure my profile for eastern standard time.

Can anyone help?

i’m sure someone can help in the elysiun support forum

woops. my bad. I didn’t see that forum section.

eastern standard time is -4 greenwich standard i believe. to edit that, go to your profile and select it.

:-? I just figured it out. Thanks for the help.

The numbers are wrong though. GMT is not GMT. I’m in GMT and it’s approx 1hr15mins too slow when it shows on the forum.

Are you in GMT? or are you in GMT + Daylight Saving?

And the time has always been a little bit off (little bit being 1/4 hr…)

I’m in pure GMT.