Can I make this game? (importing animation?)

This if my second attempt at posting this fingers crossed
I would like to make an “anti gravity disc battle” game
The player would control a 3D character riding an “anti-gravity disc” (think Back to the Future 2 only a disc not a skate board)
The Character will be armed with a pole to trip / push or knock their AI oppanent off their disc. (multiplayer a future possibility?? - got to make the single player first LOL)
I have been using 3DS MAX for over 15yrs (started back in the days of DOS) I can currently model and animate faster in max than in Blender, but I can’t seem to export / import the animation, into blender. I have tried most file types including 3DS and DXF. I thought VRML might work but 3DS MAX does export the right format for Blender??
I have tested the logic controls for the disc - I animated a flat box in Blender tilting to the left and right - then I set the logic bricks to allow the left and right arrow keys to play different frames of the animation - only problem is that I was locked into those animation sequences. I’d like to be able to press and hold the key and advance 1 frame at a time throu the animation until it reaches its sequence end. IF I release the key the animation will play from the current frame back to the begining.
Is it possible to do this above with logic bricks or do I require python?? Im not a scripting fan but I can script in Actionscript 2.0 & 3.0

Thanks for taking the time to read and post and assistance you can share


Well, it sounds possible to me, but as far as I know there isn’t any well working importing/exporting bone animation for blender from/to other 3D packages.

Thanks Cloud
Well no time like the present to learn how to bone and animate in blender.