Can I make this long, skinny mesh follow a curve?

So I made this braid. It’s a mesh. Would I be able to make it follow a curve to make it like, a saggy rope or shape it over somebody’s head or something?

Make separate Bezier curve, give it a name. On your braid use Curve Modifier and in Ob field call out your Bezier curve. Moving curve will move your braid.

Cool! Thanks!

Oh, hey, how about if I wanted to make a whole bunch of them, like corn-rows, would I make a curve for each of them (or, I suppose duplicate both after I’ve hooked the braid to the curve) and then could I have some over-all control that would effect all the curves or would I need to go through and move each one individually if I, say, made my model turn up-side-down and wanted them all to fall the other way as though from gravity? So, rather, is it possible to make, like, a parent curve that all the curves inside of my braids will listen to?

If you use ALT+D to duplicate the curves and meshes they will be linked duplicates. Editing one of them in Edit mode will change all of them, but you can still move, scale and rotate them individually in Object mode.

You could also presumably make one curve or empty and parent the others to it, or you could add the same curve modifier to each of the other curves and control them with that.

Thank you!