Can I making simulation in the blender?

Sorry about my english.

I’am newbie in blender.

I plan to make a simulation in 3d. and i want to change easily the parameter when this animation is final.

If i making in flash it only 2d. In the flash i can making the game and can be to change the parameter [like program interactive].

Someone suggested me : “Blender can do it”

Can I making in blender?
Please step by step…

Hi teh_dre4m, sorry about your english too :smiley:
Not really easy to understand what you want … what kind of simulation do you intend to do ? For fluids or rigid bodies (Game engine recording to ipo), the action will be baked so you’ll have to calculate the simulation each time after changing a parameter.


I think teh_ means he wants a realtime simulation.