Can I model any persons face from the same basic mesh?

Will modeling different peoples faces require a rework of topology, or can any persons unique face shape be modeled from a “universal starting point or mesh”? For example, suppose I use the following topological mesh configuration:

Can I use this all the time for all unique face shapes? Or as an example, can I use this basic mesh to model the faces of all the members of my family by just translating a little bit the positions of the vertices to get the right form?

short answer is yes.

however it depends on the type of character. any children plus woman can use one base mesh, a single male head can be used for young men, pluss adult men, and one base mesh for elder people.

it just depends on the level of details in the characters face. what i just said is not a fixed rule, but an example. again, it depends on the character.

i personally prefer to use a low detail sculpted base mesh for my characters so you don’t have to go through and get proportions right every time but you can still put the individual detail into each character