Can I modify one side of a mirror, without affecting other? (Blender 2.49)

Greetings, I’ve been slowly learning how to use blender through tutorials and forums but I ran into something I couldn’t figure out or find info on.
I was wondering if it was possible to modify one side of a mirror in an object without affecting the other. For example, I made a head using the mirror but when I finished I wanted to cut the left ear a bit and leave the other one intact. Another example is the head I made had horns, can I do one horn all broken up and have the other intact without damage?
What I ended up doing was creating a new object and then dragging it and sticking it in the head but it just doesnt feel right and something tells me when I try to learn animation thats going to be a problem :x.
Thanks in advance!

I don´t know any way to only modell one side of a mirror.
But you say your modell is ready and you just want to add some “specials”.
The you could duplicate your modell and move the duplicated mesh to another layer (just as a backup)
And then aply the mirror on the original mesh.Now you can modell without the mirror effect.

Srry for my bad english.I´m German :smiley:


You need to Apply the mirror modifier in Object mode then the mirrored side becomes real and it can be edited just like the first side without affecting the opposite side.

All modifiers have this Apply button which makes the modifier real.

Hope this helps.

That was incredibly easier than I thought :s I’ll keep in mind these both methods in the future as I’m sure they will help me out incredibly.
Thank you guys for the quick responses, I really appreaciate it :D!