Can I move appended files?

If an item is appended to a project from an assets file on your PC does the appended object get affected if you decide to move the assets file that it was appended from or is it just a completely separate item once it has been appended?
I want to move my assets file from where it is at the moment to make it easier to find in the future but I have appended some items into a project already and I want to make sure that once I move the assets file the items won`t be affected.

When you append you are making a complete and disconnected copy that now exist inside the file (if you append a lot of things the file will be bigger in size). When you link you are using an asset that exists in other file (you can link 1.000 assets, textures, materials, etc and the file will be still just a few kilobytes because the resources are in other files).

Appending is like copying “AwesomeGame.exe” (130 megas) to your desktop. Linking is like making a common symbolic link to the path c:\Games\AwesomeGame\AwesomeGame.exe (a few kbs).

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Thanks very much. Good explanation. I`ll go ahead and move the assets file then.

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