Can I move multiple f-curve handles at same time?


I am looking for a way to manipulate multiple selected handles from the points of an F-Curve at the same time.

Say, for example, you have 2 animated X-Location channels and you want to make sure the distance between them stays the same when you move the handles. In other 3D software, I was used to select the handles, then use a move/grab tool to manipulate them together. In blender I seem to be able to only select one handle at a time. (You can move more points at the same time)

I have tried to search this here and elsewhere on the net, but can’t find anyone talking about this, which I find surprising!
I’m hoping you know how to do this, or have a workaround.

thanks very much!

Ctrl B

This selection tool treats all keyframe handles/verts/controls separately.