Can I move the grid?

I’m trying to move the viewport left and right, whilst in top view mode?
I zoom in very close to the objects, so the 2nd object is off the 0,0 axis and is offscreen.
I need to keep top view, to view the orthogonal view of squares, to measure up my 2nd object, by counting the squares.

I can move the viewport up and down with Shift+middleMouse+scroll.
Shift+middleMouse+drag does nothing, so not sure how to move the viewport left or right?

Sometimes this can happen with the viewport zoom, depending on what you have been looking at in your scene.

Have you tried selecting the 2nd object and hitting the point ’ . ’ on the numeric keyboard or choosing Frame Selected from the View menu?

This will centre the view on what you are looking at giving you more control over panning and zooming in that area of your scene.

Thanks, that helped, however I’m still researching how to have full control, by moving the viewport left and right.

Something I have found useful recently is working in Quad View - Control Alt Q over any 3D window.

I have found that if you hit the Numpad Period key with your cursor over any of the orthogonal views (in Quad view) the grid scales match in all windows.

Something you could do is activate Quad View, change the top left view to be a Top view, change the top right view to also be a Top view, select a piece of your model then with your cursor over each Top view hit the Numpad Period key which will syncronise the zooms, then Shift Middle Mouse button drag in either of the top views to view the parts of the model you like.