Can I offset a collection?

I´ve been along for many years now and I remember the time when I could offset group instances, and thereby make e.g character A start animating at frame number 10, and character B start animating at frame number 30, thereby creating variety among characters belonging to the same group.
Is the same thing possible somehow with collections?

Collection Offsets can be found under:

Properties Editor → Object → Collections

Thank you very much for your drawing, but I don´t get it… - changing the values of those 3 parametres does not seem to have any effect?

I think that is a spatial offset and not a time one. These are XYZ coordinates and not time ones.
If you create a copy of your file and delete all the collections you have for which you want to create that offset you can link them from the old file, and as a linked collection you are able to insert keyframes for the visibility toggles.

I don’t know if there’s any other solution to that.


Thank you for your advice - I can´t seem to make it work, though, probably my own fault, since I´m not a good technician

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Ok, can you describe what you did so I could try to identify where the fault is?

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