Can I open Multiple vrml files at once

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Ok I’ve had a look at the Knowledge base and searched the forums and I haven’t found an answer :wink:


Is there a way to get Blender version 2.23 to open mulltiple vrml files at once. I basically have a dir with about 50 .wrl files that I want all in one scene.

I’ve tried selecting multiple files and tried wildcarding without success.

To date I’ve just opened them one at a time, but if anyone has a better suggestion, please let me know.



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Hi SillySeat,

welcome to blender,

I don`t know how you would batch convert all
them vrlms to blender, :frowning:

seem`s to me you have to open,then save them in
blender one at a time , then append (shift+F1) the
models all into one scene.

maybe someone has a better ansewer(hope so)


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I’m still a noob, but I think I can answer this. I just dl’d a few files from this site, pointed to in another thread.

As I started looking at them in Blender, I noticed that when I opened a second (with F1), it just added it to the scene, rather than dumping the first, then opening the second. I tried append (shift-F1), didn’t work.

Hope this helps,