Can I parent a bone (armature) to a path?

(humphrey) #1

I’m creating a character animation, and I’m trying to work out the best way to animate him.
I’m using a path to move his whole boyd, and I was thinking that I’d use a circular path to control the legs??
Can I do this?? and If I can, how do I do it??


(adyus) #2

yeah, i was thinking about the same thing. I wanna start a project like Lightwave’s REF: a karate fight. Can I parent a limb to a path and apply movement? How?

(humphrey) #3

I worked it out!!! YAY!!

Create an empty and parent that to the path so that the empty follows the path, and then in pose mode add a copy location, or an IK solver or whatever you need to the empty… so you should get a relationship like

Bone —IKsolver—> Empty -----parent-----> Path

It works brilliantally…

I’ve created two elipical paths for my feet, and now I’ve just got to parent them to the main charracter’s paths, and then make the timing correct so that the feet move at the same time as the character!

(adyus) #4

thanks, that could solve my kicking and puncing problem just fine!

(mthoenes) #5

Publisher 225 has a Stride Lenght Feature which helps you adjust your characters(Armature) speed a long a path to keep in time with the rate of steps.

Cool idea to use a circular path for the leg movement!.. I would like to see how it turns out.