Can i port Blender models to C++ and/or OpenGL

(liquidAir) #1

Is it possible to use Blender3d to create models, animate them and port them to C++ and OpenGL?

(rwenzlaff) #2

There is nothing I know of that will generate the code for you, but you can export them to VHDL which you should be able to find a library read, or to Videoscape which IIRC, is an early subset of the OpenInventor language. So you should be able to find a lib for that, too.

But the bummer is, you have to export them frame by frame… I’m not sure if you can automate this with Python or not.

If you’re just looking for cut scenes, just use your favorite codec to comress the vid…

Bob (aka DetectiveThorn)

(idefix) #3

I heard of 3DWin which can export to OpenGL (C++), but I don’t know how or if it works… Just check it out: