Can I prevent a ridiculously large plane from clipping?

Hey there,

Working on map generation for the isometric affaire, I went easy at it and used a single plane for the floor then just painted slices of textures on it with a map editor I cooked up.

This method is simple and exactly what I want it to be, but problem: after about a few thousand meters the camera starts clipping as if it was going through the plane. My wild guess, the renderer assumes the camera is too far away from the object for it to be worth bothering with.

So, can I bruteforce my way through this or am I forced to use multiple planes?

Do you mean this setting?

First thing I tried, but pushing it beyond the 10km cap causes even worse glitching.

move the plane to follow the player, and use position vector instead of UV to map the texture.
(giving it the illusion of being static.)

The Z depth buffer is a limitation of the graphics card. It’s a relationship between the near and far clipping, so you want to keep it as tight as possible. Need a higher far clipping? Increase the near clipping to compensate. You might also have better luck if you have access to a different GPU, as not all GPU Z depth buffers are created equal.

Try increasing the resolution

the issue is the distance from the origin of the object vs the camera

if he leaves the plane on the same ‘plane’ but moves it’s XY location it will never be clipped.

if he uses

geometry node--------position -----as uv cords, the texture will tile, and remain in place relative to the world.

This is what I was afraid was going on. Turns out, I was not scaling the plane directly but it’s parent, which is slightly above, funking up Z world position in the process – and I only noticed after going waaay above the scale I’d normally use when testing. D’OH!

However if I keep going higher, distance to origin will eventually cause the same problem (AFAIK)
I’ll have to try your method.


Don’t know if you already solved this problem :thinking: . . .

If not here is my solution :arrow_down:

Link the camera’s end clipping to the distance of the LARGE_PLANE’S vertices that you are facing.
That way, there is always enough clipping.