Can I put 2 rigs on one model?

Hello, I am brand new to blender, and I have a model that I bought on Turbosquid. It was already rigged, and the facial rigging is great, but the fingers only move from the first joint. So, I want to add better rigging for the fingers, can I generate a new riggify rig and parent the model to it as well? It keeps not parenting, and I’m thinking it is because of the original rigging. I am a new user, so I can’t upload the file to show you, sorry!

Hi and welcome, was your rig made with blender? and has your rig been bind to the mesh?

The quick answer is “yes” you can have 2 armatures on one object.

The long answer is that you can run into many problems and the two rigs can “fight” each other.
It is not a practical solution.
Posing one rig can pull the mesh away from the other and will give you all sorts of problems.

You would find out, the hard way, that you need the 2 rigs to communicate with each other and will end up wanting to join the 2 rigs anyway.

You would be better off editing and “correcting/adding to” the original rig.

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