Can I re-make this with Blender

OK, this may be odd. In my C4D days I did a wireframe to final progression (, and I really want to re-do it in blender.

However, solid wireframe anim, and bare (untextured) elements are eluding me. Even the bare wireframe (there’s much more to the scene now, including stuff outside that I really don’t want in the wireframe view) are eluding me.

I know I can do a bare wireframe using BI or openGL, but how do I get the two intermediate elements (cycles or BI) without destroying the whole texturing. (Not that I’ve gotten around to texturing in Blender yet - up to now I’ve exported as obj and started optimising the scene. It’s currently >200Mb)

OK, figured out solid wireframe. For anyone interest, I moved all non-mesh to a separate layer, then selected all the mesh objects that were left and joined them into a single mesh. Finally, into edit mode and select Hidden Wire and Only Render. OpenGL render whilst still in edit mode does it.

Low quality test at