Can I remove, delete or hide the parent of a duplivert (-face) object?

If I parent an object, say a sphere, to another, say a cube and then set duplifaces, forr exapmle, so I get six spheres arranged as per the cube faces. OK no problem. That’s what I want. But is there a way to hide the original cube and/or sphere, so that I see only the six dupli spheres in the “cube” configuration? I’m thinking of something that works like when you click “apply” on a modifier, like an array modifier. But I don’t see how to do this. If I hide, delete or move to another layer, the whole object and parent all go together.

They are duplicates so if you hide the original the duplicates will also get hidden, same as moving to a hidden layer.
The option is Render view

OK so are you saying that the originals won’t render, but rather the final render will be exactly like the render view?