Can I reuse a character to multiple characters in one scene with the link feature?


I want to link each character to a scene several times, as shown in the image above, and give them different animations. We also adopted a link function to flexibly respond to character design changes.

However, as shown in the GIF below, the most recently created armature proxy controls all characters. I want each character to have its own proxy armature.


Is there a solution for this?

Thank you in advance.

I would recommend that rather than using proxies (proxies are not 100% I find) that you press Ctrl A for each group. The meshes will still be linked, but the object data and animation data will be local.

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Did you mention the Make Duplicate Real command(Ctrl A)?
It worked well in my situation!
But there was a little shortage to update changes.

I did a simple test and noticed that Ctrl A and Proxy differ in the degree to which the linked objects are localized.
Compared to Proxy, Ctrl A is missing the updated vertex weight information in the original blend file.
This means that Ctrl A doesn’t automatically update skinning changes.
However, because the animation data is local, I can relink the changed character and then react by manually replacing the animation data.
It’s a bit inconvenient compared to Proxy, but it still works pretty well.

there is a question here.
What’s the Specific difference with Proxy functionality?
They were each implemented in Blender for what purpose?

I think you can use the proxy command if you set a new action for each armature. My problem with using Proxies like this is you get a 1 frame update problem - it can lag one frame behind, and you have to go forward one frame followed by backward one frame each time you jump to a new frame on the timeline.

Another option is to link all the objects in a scene and then Alt A duplicate everything, then you can animate the armatures separately. I think you may have to set a new action for each character anyway.

Also - if you are using with the addon to localise a scene - proxies don’t work.

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