can I reuse the last frame of a blender render within the same render ?


I need to stretch a render animation for few dozen frames.
I could just leave the animation as it is and render the last frame that doesn’t change again and again, but that seems inefficient.

I haven’t don’t any compositing in Blender yet, so this might be a good excuse.
Can I somehow get the last rendered frame, and then add it to the video sequence editor somehow and output more of that last frame ?
Is this possible ?

I suppose in the sequencer you could cut the last from the video (K) and then stretch that single frame over how many frames you want it to be still for either with the mouse or in the edit panel.

close. you set end-Ofs to like 24 for a few dozen. the panel above is from the Scene strip.

so, enable Do Seqencer. Go to the sequencer desktop and add->Scene. then set that end-ofs in the strip’s edit panel.

The above is for a movie strip if you cut off the last frame of your original movie so it is a single frame movie, then extend that to 24 frames or whatever you need. If you rendered as an image sequence then you’d just extend that last image frame.