Can I run 2 Blender at the same time

I have try before to download one other Blender during time I rendering on the other one. So I have Blender 1 and Blender 2 beside each other on my iMac mid 2011 dock and inside the appfolders I have 2 separated folders, but I am not sur if it will work.

One time after rendering for one long dag (24 hours) I press Shift+CMD+G, but there was no blendfile for me to us insid tmp/, but few images from the other Blenderproject I was working on. So I dont think I can work with 2 Blenderproject at the same time on same machine.

I’m not sure what you are trying to do.

Blender files are saved as .blend, rendering animation will usually be set by default to safe each frame to an image file.

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+W (on windows at least) will open up a linked blender app ( usually used with split monitors)

You can run multiple instances of blender at the same time in OSX.
One or more can be rendering as you use another instance and they can all be using the same .blend file or all using different .blend files

You cannot just open the same .app more then once. You could just duplicate the blender .app as many times as you want or go into the .app package contents and run blender from the terminal

Well, you can launch multiple instances from the command-line, but that’s really beside the point. :slight_smile:

A Macintosh “application” is a bundle of related files, and by default the application looks in its bundle for things that it needs.

The most important consideration would be to make sure that the various application instances use distinct and different directory-locations for things like temporary files. Be sure that the two apps, when running together, will not interfere with one another.

Thanks guys. Yes I think I solved the problem if I (Save as) in different namne to separate the project. “retrocar.blend” and “flower.blend” as example.

I have now rendering my 2 project as tok 2 days to render. Project 1 EngineXL.blend and Project 2 Pro.Ocean.blend

When I select project 2 EngineXL.blend and press Shift+Cmd+G nothing happen. I think it is inpossible to run and rendering 2 project at the same time.

Inside tmp/folder I select EngineXL.blend and I suppose to got an Rawfile 0001-0250-avi but I got nothing.
Dp you know what happen.

Thanks in advance.