Can i run UPBGE on this specs

If you find some mistakes, I’m sorry, it’s my first experience here.
I want to ask if the UPBGE engine can run smoothly to make some games and I’ve been informed about it for a little while, which Means this isn’t my first deal with the engine.
The specifications are:
Processor: AMD A8-5500B
Graphic Card: AMD Radeon HD 7560D
Ram: 12 GB
Please respond quickly and if you are an Arab speak Arabic please😁 thank you

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Please Answer

Yes you can run UPBGE faster than me! My pc has an amd SimpRon 145 could with only a single core and just 2gb ram, so yeah, you can run it

What is your Graphic card and does it work for you well thank you for the answer you assured me

My cpu has an integrated gpu

So you think it’s going to work well on my pc

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Yes, in fact it will run better on your pc than mine lol

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I’m not sure if you’re considering to purchase a new system, or if this is your existing one? If you already own it, then why not just try?

Also, your question is almost impossible to answer correctly as you say nothing about the complexity of your game and your expectations of the performance. Of course it can run something :slight_smile:


I almost own it, and the games I’m going to make won’t be complicated because I’m a little freshman, but I might make something bigger over time, it’s not going to be huge, of course, and I might develop the device in a year or more.


If your game isn’t complicated, so it can be played easily. But you have to create the game, to monitorate after how you pc manage it.

To see that, you can activate “framerate and profile” in game, between “file” and “window”.

Explain more, please.

Monitoring is to check how many memory you game take to your pc. To see this, you have to check what i said previously but the Windows task manager too.

If you need screenshots, tell me.

The first is for the good running of you game, the second is for your real technical performance.

In the two case, it can help you to optimize your game, but you must create it first and see.