Can I save keywords/tags together with blend files?

I wonder could Blender files consist some tag or keywords OS could use to sort them ? Like keywords in images?

can you elaborate !

you could save file name with some sort of keywords
then make a python script to do your sort !

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That wold be too big file names . I meant a sort of metadata like in jpg files . I see Blender could write metadata in rendered images and I wonder could it do same in blend file itself so a DAM soft could use to sort and search them. I imagine would be cool to have material ,object collection names be stored as a list of tags, keywords .

i guess it is possible
but would require a special addon to read these metadata ib blend files

ask in python forum or blenderstack for such a script let us know if you find something

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You can use the scene or object level properties, they are saved with the scenes. You can create these with Python or using the object or the scene properties.

Furthermore, you can write a program that interfaces with Blender as Python module which can open the scenes and search for tags. Another option is to use Blender in Python mode to search props in the scenes without dealing with the UI session.

I know nothig about Python or writing a program unfortunately. I just hoped Blender files could have metadata similar to images . Of the kind OS could read on its own in file explorer.

it works for Photoshop for example with this script:
it write keywords based on selected layers so you could find anything in seconds any time.

Just hoped we could have something similar with Blender

You can manually create custom properties

we would still need kind of file opener/reader to see such tags? right ?
They would be seen by file explorer in windows or any 3d party DAM ( digital asset management) soft?

Yes, they need to either run Blender cli with some kind of script or use Blender as a Python module to integrate it. These properties are saved in the scene either per object or per scene etc.

Wonder could it be a script in Blender that would save xmp side flles next to .blend with all such tags as keywords. So at least we could do it for some DAm soft that read those xmp

An add-on can do that after saving blend files automatically.

It’s worth mentioning that such an add-on would be fairly easy to write, too… a great first project for someone trying to learn Blender’s Python API.

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To bad nobody seems ever tried to do such addon.

That kind of metadata can often be pretty specific to a particular workflow. Writing such an add-on for an individual person or studio is fairly trivial. Writing one that’s flexible enough to support a variety of workflows… that’s slightly less trivial.

This needs to be created by the DAM software developers so that the app can access such information. Someone writing an add-on that exports some JSON or XML file won’t be a help.

Aren’t XMP side files pretty standard thing and any DAM should read them by default. For example Adobe Bridge writes keywords in XMP files for RAW files and any other kind of image that doesn’t support embedded metadata. The DAM I use imports those keywords from XMP files automatically.

So If we could save XMP with “keywords” while saving blend file or with a special button or something it should work just ok.

Or it’s a big thing to learn all that XMP specification and proper syntax and that is an issue? My guess it could be possible to just se adobe ones as a pattern and write keywords in same lines maybe.

Setting keywords afterward in DAM itself is also an option of course but I was always too lazy to do it vs executing a script while you actually do things like that Photoshop one.