Can I search for files on BSD/Linux?

I installed Blender on my BSD computer, and now I can’t find where I installed it. Is there a command to search or someting (I am not using a desktop environment)

Also, is there a way to exit something that is running, but doesn’t stop until you somehow stop it, or turn off the compy? I have a clock running, and I don’t know how to get it to turn off.


I know this one, on Linux from shell Konsole it’s:

find -name ‘blender-2.41*’

To stop a program from the command line it’s, kill -9 followed by the process number. For example, kill -9 2771. In this example 2771 is process number.

However, to find the process number is a simple step, but sorry I forgot how to do it, so you have to ask someone else. :smiley:

processes can be listed with the ‘ps’ command

ps x

this will show a list the process number and invoking command (amongst others)

use the process number in the kill command as ozo already stated.

Thanks Tuinbels, ps x, didn’t know that one, tested it and it’s a good one too. Will remember this one. :slight_smile:

To cull the list given by ps a bit, you can always do:

ps ax | grep 'find'


on a linux box you can do

whereis blender
find blender
locate blender

make sure you do an


as root before you do a search

on a linux box you can do

whereis blender
find blender
locate blender

There are two main ways to find a file in linux. find -name ‘filename’ which looks through the filesystem for the file, and locate filename which looks through a pre-made index. locate is much faster (it can find any file on my entire computer in a matter of seconds) but needs to be updated regularly by running updatedb as root (many distros, including ubuntu, will set up your computer to do this automatically with cron).

To find processes, you can use ps as mentioned before, or top. top lists the processes that use the most CPU by default, but you can change that by pressing < and >. To kill the clock, either find its process id (pid) in ps or top and run kill pid, or you can run killall clock (assuming the program is called “clock”, if it’s “xclock” or something use that instead). You can also kill a process straight from top by hitting K.

Have a look at the man pages for find, locate, updatedb, ps, top, kill and killall… there’s a lot there.