Can I select objects that have no mesh?

Hi, I imported a file and it has several meshes, but also plenty of objects that look like empties (similar to add->empty->plain axes). Is there a way to select all of them in one go? Maybe select not meshes?

Dont know how this would effect other parts of your project, but you could create a collection, dump them in there and right click on that collection and “Select Objects”.

Thanks, my idea is to avoid selecting one by one, as the’re scattered along the scene (sometimes hiding next to actual mesh objects) and just get rid of them. Their names are all but standard, so can’t use the outliner (well, I can but it would be similar to selecting one by one, or worse, as can’t get inmediate feedback)


Perfect, thanks a lot! @0451

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Gottcha. Id be willing to bet this could be done with python. If no feed back here, maybe post in that forum. Ive scripted alittle with varies languages, gonna peek around and see if i can come up with something, could be useful to have around.

Haha… guess theres no need for that :slight_smile:

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at top of viewport on right there a menu to select different type of objects!

happy bl