Can I set output dpi on rendering?

I am outputting bitmaps from Blender for import into a poster being created in Adobe Illustrator (sorry, I have no choice!). Each bitmap image needs to be at 300 dpi, and I know how to calculate the correct number of pixels to give me the size of bitmap I need (e.g. a 1" x 1" image on the printed poster would require a 300 x 300px render in Blender). But every bitmap output from Blender has its nominal scale set to 72 dpi. Consequently, when ‘placed’ (imported) into Illustrator the bitmap appears too large, and so has to be taken into Photoshop just to set the nominal scale to 300 dpi. Is there anyway to make Blender set the dpi flag in its saved images to 300 dpi?

Why not just scale it when you place it in Illustrator? You’ll probably have to change the size and position anyway, so you might as well just do it there. (You can hold shift to scale proportionately, and alt/option to scale up from the center point rather than the edge)

There’s an addon called Render to Print. Enable this and you get different options in the Render properties, incl dpi.

Get a build with additional addons at Graphicall.

I could scale it In Illustrator, but whenever I re-use the image again in the future, in Illustrator or elsewhere, it’ll always appear at the ‘wrong’ size. I can’t be the only person who needs to use their Blender images for print work, but the 72 dpi that Blender uses is just a default screen resolution. If it doesn’t already exist somewhere, Blender just needs an extra option in the Save As Image panel (or a global User Preference), e.g "Save bitmaps at: " with a numerical entry box to enter dpi, ppcm etc.

Sago… Thanks, that sounds ideal, I’ll go find it. I hope it makes it into the standard add on list…