Can I snap ruler to increments

  • (How?) Can I snap ruler to increments instead of just geometry?
  • Can I confine ruler measurements on a plane only? (eg on XY, Z=0)

Bump this up… anyone?

I will be trying Caliper addon for dimensioning, but it’s not the same functionality

I want to be able to measure on one plane alone, eg on XY plane. Because points are stacked over each other in the Z , when I measure with vertex snap I get “wrong” dimensions because the the two points are in different planes.
Is there no way to constrain the measurements on the XY plane?

I think if you added your blend file, or at least a screen shot, and showed exactly what you wanted to do, you might get a better response to your question.

I am curious about this too. in all of my searches I’ve found nothing that helps, unfortunately