Can i split an Armature into 2 Armatures?

Hello, another question about rigging here.

Such as while editing a mesh you can select a group of faces,verts,edges, and press the "P"key to separate the selection from the mesh as it’s own separate object.

I have a Human IK rig that i made a face rig for. (The face rig are only drivers for shape keys).
However for speed’s sake i feel like it may be in my best interest to have the face rig be it’s own armature that is parented to the headbone so that i can animate the character with the “whole character” key set and then be able to go in and do the facial expressions and lip sync afterwards in it’s own separate armature.

The P key cannot separate bones from it’s armature, but is there another way of doing that?
(or maybe as a side note does the whole character key bind apply keyframes to bones that are hidden?) that may be a resolution aswell.

Thank you ^-^

In armature pop up menu control alt p. Is that waht you want?

Yes ^-^

That is exactly what i was looking for, Thank you :smiley:

It even kept all the drivers (i just had to Change the Armature they were controlled by for each driver with Copy and Paste) and then they also even kept all my Poses for Phenomes aswell (: