Can I store Blender Vertice selections?


I’m right in the middle of a game production with Blender
and I’ve come to an halt because of some lack of knowledge
with Blender, hopefully someone of you can answer it:

In 3dstudio max we had “Named-selection-sets” wich essentially
means you can make a selection of any group of objects OR
any group of VERTICES and name them for later reference…
eg…very useful if you’re animating moveable vertices and
you want to easily SELECT these vertices later instead of
manually re-grouping every single vertice.

Is there anything like this in Blender anywhere or do
someone of you have a creative idea HOW to solve
this issue?

What I want is to be able to select a bunch of vertices
and MEMORIZE this SELECTION set …AND…another one
and…another one…etc…so I can later on recall these
and continue to move around this particular selection
of vertices.

Any input appreciated.


Go into the edit buttons, in the ‘Link and Materials’ you will find ‘Vertex Groups’.

Press ‘New’ to create a group, select the vertices and press ‘Assign’.

Later on, simply select the group from the list, and press ‘Select’.

Vertex Groups in Editing Panel -> Link and Materials. In edit mode you can create group, assign selected vertices to it, select, delete…

“vertex groups” is your best friend here. in edit panels, you can add them, and assgn selected vertices to them. pressing “select” and “deselect” you can - well guess what ;). check out the documentation for details

you can also use material indices - they work similar to the vertex groups (check the doc’s!) but you can have only 16 of them per mesh.

hope that helps


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Thanks a lot for the prompt replies. That worked like a charm.
Wonder why in all this time I haven’t noticed that feature
before?! It’s exactly the SAME as in Max. :slight_smile: well…almost.
It’s in fact a bit more practical as one can ADD to selections
and subtract from existing selections…very VERY handy.

Again - thanks for your kind support.