Can I sync text to audio without manual-keyframing?

Im wondering if I can sync text to audio without manual-keyframing? I have seen some tutorials on YouTube
and they all use the manual-keyframing method. Is there other ways to do it?

That depends on what you want the sound file to do…

You can, for example, create an f-curve for the Z movement of an object, just by adding one keyframe. Then “Bake Sound to F-curve” you select a sound file, set the parameters you want and Hey Presto! the objects moves in Z according to the amplitude of the sound wave at the frequency, or range of frequencies, you have selected. To do this go to the Graph Editor, select the F-curve of the object then chose “Key” => “Bake Sound To F-curve” as shown below:


Then run the animation and the object will move upwards in time with the sound file. :smiley: You can use various Amplitude Triggers, etc to determine how the sound file is interpreted, you will have to experiment or tell us exactly what you want to do.

If this is not what you want to do, you need to explain to us exactly, with pictures preferably, what you want to do, as what you have said could cover a multitude of animations. :ba: Manually keyframing is normally the last resort. Bear in mind that if you want to get lips to sync to sound, you have to create a library of phonetic mouth shapes/poses, then manually switch these poses as the sound progresses - a long and tedious process involving hours of work for seconds of animation. I did get a characters lips to open/shut in time with a song using Bake Sound To F-curve, but it is no good for closeup shots.

It is also possible to get animations synced to a MIDI file, I did this in my “Clockophone” WIP (Just search or my Youtube channel for the videos), where I got various characters to play guitar, drums, keyboard and violin. Its quite a quick process, but the script only runs in Blender 2.49 so you have to make the actions on either Empties or Bones, then open and save the project in later Blenders, then import these actions into your main project file. Again a little tedious, but a darn site quicker than manual keyframing, particularly as the characters where playing whole songs.

Cheers, Clock.