can I tile using LSCM and a 4 texture image?

I’m trying to texture map a hallway with a .png that’s 4 textures in 1 image using LSCM.
With cubic mapping/1 texture bitmap, it’s easy to tile it so a long rectangle would have
2 copies of the texture. I can’t do this in LSCM with a 4 texture image, or probably
with a 1 texture image, anybody know how?

When you assign the image to a texture channel, you can specify tile x and tile Y.

That being said, I am Not sure it works with a UV mapto, but if you scale the UV and overlay like two halfs of the hall over one another on the same image space, you should be able to effectively tile it just by adjusting the UV map islands.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I ended up changing the texture, now the wall texture part is 2 times longer, seems to work.