Can i trigger a action with a key ?

i mean lets say i want to make fight game , so i got a character that kicks , how do i do to tell the character that when i press the “x” key it trigger a kick ?

Please read the wiki on the GE. Also go to and download the GE pdf that explains how every logic brick works and how to use it.

Once you have read that, if you still have some questions, please come back and ask them. But you really need to start at the very beginning first.

pretty simple although you should read the wiki like stated before ill give this one to you. in the logic bricks set up your actor by clicking the little pac man on the panel then actor and dynamic. then click add on the three bars that say your objects name wether it be cube or other. where it says always click it and set it to keybored and on the line that says key click the empty button and press the key you want to represent the action you want to do. to tie it into animations and an actual playable game is a different matter but i told you what you asked.