Can i understand why my thread was flagged as inappropriate?

I was just trying to warn people that a crypto craze was quickly rising and that video cards could become very expansive soon so they could upgrade without paying twice or triple the price?

Any post with the word “crypto” in it is automatically flagged; it’s an extremely common keyword in spam posts.

That said, we also discourage cross-posting the same thing in multiple spots on this forum. So I’ve approved the post you made in #general-forums:off-topic-chat, but I’ve left hidden the one you posted in a thread in #support:technical-support.

OK i see and i am fine with this but i was surprised since i always respect the forum policy thank for clarifying the matter!

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Dont worry you did nothing wrong :wink: Its not designed to “keep people in place”, its more to notify us in case something malicious is actually happening.

Have an otherwise nice day!

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Sometime i try so hard to stay politically correct even if the temptation is growing inside!:sweat_smile: