Can I use a own."value of prop" instead of own.prop? i'll try to explain...

Here is a list of an object’s properties.

(string) own.ActiveAspect = RotX
(integer) own.RotX = 67
(integer) own.RotY = 102
(integer) own.RotZ = 245

I want to give the Global Variable called GameLogic.frame the stored integer value of the currrent ActiveAspect ie RotX which in this case is 67.

Since the current ActiveAspect is a variable I can’t just say
GameLogic.frame = own.RotX

What I want is…

GameLogic.frame = own.“value of own.ActiveAspect”

which i’m wanting it to give me the equivilent of…

GameLogic.frame = own.RotX

Among other things i tried…

activeaspect = own.ActiveAspect
GameLogic.frame = own.(activeaspect)

Anyone got any idea of the syntax i’d need?

how about

GameLogic.frame = getattr(own,own.ActiveAspect)

yes! yes! yes! thanks mate!

My ge knowledge is a bit ahead of my python at this stage. It’s my first programming language (well apart from BASIC on my Commodore Vic 20 back in '84) and i’ve only been on it for a week or so.