Can I use AnimAll UV key-frames in BGE?

Hey! Happy Wednesday! (Or is it Thursday?.. Hmm…)

So anyway, I’m trying to find a way to allow AnimAll key-frames to show up in the action editor, so I can use them for animations in-game.

I’m animating UV coordinates, but while I can animate them in the timeline, I can’t bring them up in the action editor.

To clarify what I’m actually trying to do, and in case I’m going about this the entire wrong way (Which I do often. XD) I’ll explain what I’m trying to do.

I’m attempting to animate cartoon mouths in blender game engine by using individual sprites. You know, like changing the faces without physically changing the eye object every frame or something.

Is this even possible? Can you use UV animations from AnimAll in BGE? I’ve seen several ancient threads about this, but none have answers.

I appreciate your time! :3

short answer no.

long answer would say its possible, but you need to go about this in an different way. python api lets you modify the uv coords, or you can offset the uv from an object color node in the material nodes. object color can be keyframed and played as action.

I tried about a year ago and it couldn’t be done back then.

You can try animated texture. On UV/Image editor, press N -> Game Properties -> Check animated.
The feature can be a bit wonky at times, and since it links the animation directly to the image itself it doesn’t allow for that much control, unless there is a way I’m not aware of.

So another possibility is to animate with shapekeys. Basic principle is having one separate plane per frame of animation, UV mapping each plane accordingly, then using shapekeys to determine which plane is visible at current frame.

I work a lot with sprites and have a few utilities I’m working on to reduce the busy work of doing it the latter way. Maybe it’ll be easier in the future.

Hmm… Lot’s of options to try at least. Shape keys sounds spiffy.
Thanks for the replies so far. I’mma try the shape keys, and leave this thread open for a while in case anyone else has ideas.

the fastest solution that allows multiple objects to have the same meshes is to use object color

in upbge

object data node -> split RGB -> R and G are U and V.

you can then keyframe object color to animate sprites.

their is another setup using modulo and 1 value I have to dig up.