Can i use animation to move/rotate objects in game ?

IPO could use as a relative motion, with “dLocX” .etc and the “Add” button of the actuator. So i can use for example frame 1 to 50 to make a translation and use fram 51 to 100 to make a rotation then bind then with keyborads. If i only press one key at the same time it works fine. But when i press two keys ( move and rotate at the same time ), this won’t work — it could not play two parts of the ipo in parallel.
I see Shape Keys could combine with each other but it seems thant Shape Keys could not change the object’s position or orientation but only change the shape.
What i need now is a composable IPO animation playing in game engine. With that make a character walking will be easy and need no script. Is that possible ? Or is there any other good approaches? thanks

you can only play one frame of an IPO curve.
If you want to combine, use multiple objects.

Let object A play the translation and object B the rotation. Now parent object B on object A (or the other way around).
The child will inherit the transformation from the parent.

it do combined but not the way i expected.


moveAndRot.blend (131 KB)

You could also try making an ipo the has a part where the object moves, and a part where the object rotates. The n add two ipo actuators and set them for the correct times and and then the two should mix together.

i use two empty objects to apply two ipo and a thrid object is linked to the empty objects with rigid body joint. it works! but when i release the buttons the object is not stoped…(the problem seems not comes out every time …) any ideals ?

about the ipo.blend:
W/S for move forward and backward
A/D for rotate


ipo.blend (142 KB)

you play “loop end” not “loop stop”.

thanks. sorry i didn’t mean that “don’t stop”. i tried again after the post i found that after the object controlled by the ipo was hit by other rigid body objects ( then it moves ) i press keys to use ipo to move or rotate the object and it won’t stop after released the keys and it is not moving as the ipo controlling. i think there is some sort of problem about the cooperation of the physics system and the ipo.

you can try this, i didnt saw the other files, but if it works for you good enough!

thanks. well this not enough … I need 2 more features:
1.player could combine 2 actions( implemented by IPO ) at any time. Or in another word, the player could press a left arrow at any time even if the up arrow has not been released.
2.the object controlled by the IPO must have dynamics and collision. for example if i use a IPO to make my character jump off a building my character should keep falling after the IPO end but if i jump toward the building i will not get into that building.

If you working with dynamic objects, why do you not use motion actuators? I think this is much easier than using IPOs.

i was using motion actuator before … but it has problems:
1.To matching the motion and the animation is difficult
2.To make a complicated moving is difficult. For example the jump path is not a typical y= a*x^2+b …
with IPO it is much easier to make motion to be more real or match the animation better